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    文章来源:小迪   时间:2020-02-27

      From professional to professional network anchors can become "Line 361" Growth from disorder to begin accepting standardized, specialized training, and gradually from online to offline, as a network anchor group is opening a new literary career of the road - can become a network anchor "Line 361" correspondent Han Industry Chamber "bright Daily "[hot] observation platform on the cool dog live music princess graduated red anchor.In addition she received a diploma, also won a live platform was awarded the "school accreditation" badge, which means that in the next live event, she will get more support platform resources.Recently, the China Trade Association show, cool dog music, Guangming, cool dog live college-sponsored "Yu Kai sound future for the arts" and the cool dog first broadcast network anchors School graduation ceremony was held in Beijing, including red princess, including 1500 name of the network anchor, after training, examination, received a diploma.This is the first time a live platform for large-scale training network anchor, anchor participate in the training of more than 30,000, accumulated to a certain credits to take the exam are 10000, last diploma exam anchor by 1,500.This would not only open the first of its kind network anchor large-scale training, but also sparked discussion groups on the network anchor standardization, specialization, professionalization.In 2005, 2016 blowout development from disorder to regulate the rise of the webcast.As of 2020, the scale of Chinas broadcast industry has more than 400.5.6 billion people, or more than half of Chinese Internet users have played live.According to "small gourd 2020 annual industry-wide platform for live white paper" Data, 2017 all-new platform anchor 145 million, in 2020 this figure rose to 217 million.The huge size of the market, resulting in mixed groups anchor.In order to attract attention, some of the anchors do anything, from "eel event" to "live a bath Mom" to "live drug" "Live jumping" outrageous live acts repeatedly broken the moral and legal bottom line.This shows that the network broadcast network activities and the urgent need to regulate the behavior of anchor.To this end 2020, the national "pornography" Office, together with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Public Security and other departments jointly launched the "Notice on Strengthening Management of webcast services" in order to strengthen basic management network broadcast industry.Under strict control, "eel event" extreme live acts greatly reduced, but like "live in smoke", "live in the burst foul language" and other violations still occur.Some of these acts deliberately playing the "edge ball", some due to the anchor of the related specifications due to lack of understanding "unintentional act".Guangming Wang, deputy general manager Song Leyong introduced from early 2020 onwards, Guangming letter in support of the central office network, built up a network anchor blacklist database sharing system, as of now, there are more than 2,100 anchor into this blacklist."Some of deliberately Jurisprudence in the interest driven by drug-related, but most people enter the blacklist because of ignorance, such as smoking live in some people, some people live in swearing.Behavior seems indifferent, but once pulled black, they will be unable to move online, would like to open a shop is immune."So, whether it is from the perspective of maintaining cyberspace Delicate gas Lang, or from the perspective of maintaining long-term interests of the network anchors, anchor of the network education and training are essential.In November 2020, China Internet Association show performances in Shanghai Branch has held a network show business training courses concerning the interpretation of policies and regulations, law enforcement case to explain, the special anchor literacy training, live image and etiquette and other content, but smaller responsible for the contents of the audit and the participants mostly live platform of some of the anchor head.The anchor cool dog opened training, a large-scale, all anchor on the platform are invited to participate in two training want to be normalized.Head of Cool Dog Live College Huang Xuan Ting introduced, cool dog live college on line May 2020, has developed more than 140 online courses, of which 30% of the content for the policies, laws and regulations, the purpose is to teach anchors are keeping their live conduct legal compliance.Training effect is obvious, "participated in the training of the anchor, the behavior of the offending rate has dropped by 67%.".He graduated from Southwestern University School of Music from red princess Yen value to value, is a music teacher before.Although she has a good music quality, but entering the broadcast industry, but also very nervous, I do not know how to face the camera, do not interact with their fans, just getting live, "will be nervous tremor".Many new entrants to the anchor, will "study with a teacher", that is, with the old anchor learn "how to attract fans, how to get more of a reward and gift" and so on, want to learn more basically impossible.Most anchor in the live in rivers and lakes, to fend for themselves.As Xie Huan said, there is a vicious circle broadcast industry, no matter how red anchor, basically popular period is 3-5 years.Fans focus on anchor, mostly new map, novelty is over, is likely to "turn pink road".The reason is mainly that we have a smart phone will be able to broadcast live, live content of a lack of professionalism, but also long-term spin on one level, a lot of talent and no anchor masterpiece, fans can easily fatigued.Red princess sighed to reporters, "anchor career bottleneck is that the fans are mobile, you have to constantly upgrade talent and live skills, so that fans can stabilize."Lifting anchor of the professional level, education and training is not open around the course.Cool Dog training anchor of music, it is to force on specialization, enhance the professionalism anchor.Huang Xuan Ting introduced, cool dog live College in conjunction with industry associations and universities, has developed more than 140 courses for anchor selection, of which 70% are professional courses, use and then to music theory to explain the basic vocal skills to the instrument, both video lessons, live courses, there are also small class training one to one, one to many.Each course has different points according to the degree of difficulty, when accumulated to a certain points, the anchor can apply for the exam.The pass, anchors into the two-month internship.There internship assessment, including a rating system and user ratings, when live content reaches a certain standard, and "zero violations" in order to officially "graduated" to obtain certification and promotion platform.In order to improve the professional level of training, cool dog live college hired a senior industry experts offer customized teaching.For example, a music professor from Berkeley College of Music sits cool dog live college, teaching singing skills from many aspects, management expression, emotional expression, etc.."Singer" blue ocean vocal consultant creation of "good voice Training Camp" at the Institute of cool dog live, in a bid to solve the problems encountered in the concert anchor to allow the sound to the next level.Participated in the training of the red princess feel great harvest, along with how to learn music skills into the shows performers, she completed a magnificent turn from a music teacher to the red network anchor, and hope that in the future be able to do original writing songs , go further on the path of specialization some.Assistant researcher at the Institute of Sociology of CASS Gao Jun believes that when the platform from a development point of consideration for the anchor to create a study room for improvement when, not only to cultivate more excellent anchor, yielding better content to attract viewers, in the long run see also promote the overall development of the industry live.Inter leave from professional to professional broadcast, network anchors who can stand on a higher stage, which is a very real problem.To anchor, its meaning can break through the bottleneck career, opened a new world.Many network anchor is also working to develop the next line in order from Advanced Network red to the actress, but after leaving the studio, inevitably exposes not suited to the professional stage.Millions of fans had a red music network anchor, took part in a music program file.He stood on the stage, the teacher asked a basic knowledge of music associated with the subject, he was stumped, the results stalled.From the environment, the current size of the industry growth webcast increasingly stable development of the industry also return to reason, fight color value, the lower limit of the show, the legal edge ball hit the practice has been difficult to have a foothold.The vitality of behavior is not only illegal basis, in order to obtain long-term, there must be quality-oriented content.Therefore, in addition to standardization, specialization, and promote professional network anchor it seems inevitable, because only professional in order to enhance the quality of live content.Can become a network anchor job, all these years the industry has been endless debate.Secretary General of China Association PAN Yan said the show, live is a tool, not everyone can become live with the anchor.Only when the network anchor groups, professional appearance, it can become a new career.Chinas future performance industry associations will need to provide the ability to anchor identified services, and establishing the various platforms can be applied to the standard system of vocational education.Reality walk in front of the network anchor occupation identified.Currently the major broadcast platform, have appeared a number of professional network anchor, many of which also set up a team, and developed down the line from.For example, in the deft broadcast platform to network red "sand boss" as the representative of Yiren team gathered a group of network anchors, specializing in rural theme funny short video of the shooting, the harvest of high popularity, but also invited to take part in film "genius partner" in the shooting.These networks anchor, mostly also engaged in other work, webcast can only be regarded as a part-time, only a portion of the head anchor put all the focus on the broadcast, the anchor as a career.This shows that the professional network anchor long way to go.To promote the standardization of network anchors, professional, professional, relying on one or two platforms is difficult to achieve, requiring platforms, associations and industry authorities to work together.Xuan Huang Ting called for more live platform was added to the training of the anchor, by way of education and training of personnel for the industry incubation energized as soon as possible to become a network anchor "Line 361" can be a champion.